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Abandoned checkout emailsEdit the checkout link in the template in order to achieve compatibility with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery
Adding information selected in the widget to the order status page
Changing the date and time format in notificationsChange the date and time format in Shopify email notifications
Conditional activationEnable or disable pickup, delivery and shipping depending on specific conditions
Custom cart attributes for internal email notifications
Draft ordersAdd pickup, delivery and shipping details to your Shopify draft orders
Export ordersExport your orders to see all the information in a CSV order report
Email notifications
Editing the store pickup “More information” pop-up
​How to display "Pickup Only" tags on the cart page
Hide pickup address field (Shopify Plus)
Hiding specific pickup time slotsHide your pickup time slots depending on the products, date and/or location
Hiding checkout methods by product tagDisable or enable pickup, delivery, or shipping for certain groups of products based on the product tag
Language localesWe use language locales to change the wording at checkout depending on the checkout method
Longitude and latitude parameters
Multiple shipping profiles
Managing locations using CSVImport, export and update your locations with CSV files
Order management
Order processing
Product-specific preparation timeUse this feature for specific products that require a different preparation time than your other products
Product date restrictionsRestrict certain products to specific dates of the year
Production reportsExport your production reports through Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery into a CSV file
Supported CSV import time zone formats
Restricting orders on Shopify POS
Trialing features on a higher planCreate a development store to trial a higher plan’s features without committing to upgrading your plan
Multiple shipping origins/locations