Abandoned checkout emails are not compatible with Store Pickup + Delivery by default.

Since our app is located in the cart, customers will choose their date and time in the cart page. When they return using an abandoned checkout link, they will be sent directly to the checkout. This doesn’t give the customer an opportunity to select a new date or time in our widget.

If you would still like to use abandoned checkout emails along with Store Pickup + Delivery, you will need to redirect the link in the abandoned checkout email to the cart page.

Editing the abandoned checkout email template

  1. In Shopify Settings > Notifications, click Abandoned checkout.

  2. In the Email body, search for

    {{ url }}

  3. Replace {{ url }} with

    {{ shop.url }}/cart

  4. Click Save.

The "Items in your cart" link will now lead the customer to the cart page, instead of the checkout. That way they can re-select the correct date and time in our widget.


  • Shopify uses cookies to allow customers to keep items in the cart for 14 days. After this time the cart link will lead to an empty cart.

  • The cart contents are stored on the device the customer was using. If the link is accessed from a different device (e.g. a mobile phone), it will lead to an empty cart.

  • If your store does not have a static cart page the link can be redirected to your home page (e.g. themes that only have a drawer cart).

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