When the customer completes their order, the order first goes to Shopify. Our app will then process the order only if it has our attributes in the additional details.

When Store Pickup + Delivery processes an order, it will:

  1. Bring the order into the Store Pickup + Delivery Orders tab

  2. Tag the order

  3. Send internal emails that get sent from our app

  4. Update the pickup address in the Shopify order if the customer changed it

  5. Send the order to other integrated services

If the customer bypassed our app, the order will not be processed in Store Pickup + Delivery. Read more in our Order is not appearing in Zapiet dashboard article.

Orders in Store Pickup + Delivery

When using Store Pickup + Delivery, we recommend managing your orders in Store Pickup + Delivery Orders tab. Learn more in our Order management article.

All of your pickup and delivery orders should be showing in Store Pickup + Delivery. Shipping orders will only be processed if you have the date picker turned on, or are adding shipping tags.

Tags in Store Pickup + Delivery

Store Pickup + Delivery adds tags to your Shopify order view.

We offer:

  • checkout method-specific tags

  • date and time tags

  • location-specific tags

Internal emails

Learn more about the location-specific notifications we send in our Internal notifications article.

Correct modified shipping address

If a customer changes the pickup address fields by mistake, we will change the address back to the pickup location after the order has been placed. The setting will need to be turned on in Store Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Store pickup.


At the moment, Shopify doesn't allow us to modify checkout in any way (unless you're on Shopify Plus). They want to make sure the checkout is as secure as possible for everyone and that code changes to it won't 'break' the checkout process or put customers' personal information at risk.


Take a look at our app compatibility article for possible integrations.

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