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DKIM/DMARC policy for custom domains
DKIM/DMARC policy for custom domains
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If you're using a custom domain, you have to set up DKIM/DMARC to ensure that all notifications sent by Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery are received by customers.

Learn more about DKIM/DMARC in Help prevent spoofing and spam with DMARC article by Google.

Set DKIM/DMARC policy

  1. Click Settings.

  2. In the Advanced section, click Notifications.

  3. When you add your custom domain email as a sender, we will verify your domain.

    If the hostname and value look good, then it might take up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to propagate.

  4. If your domain wasn't verified, click DKIM/DMARC.

  5. Click Verify.
    If you see an error message after verifying, take a look at our troubleshooting section.

  6. In DMARC DNS Settings section, you can select what to do with messages that do not pass authentication.

    • None—Take no action on the message and deliver it to the intended recipient.

    • Quarantine—Mark the messages as spam and send it to the recipient's spam folder.

    • Reject—Reject the message.

  7. Add email address to receive reports about DMARC activity for your domain, if needed.

  8. Click Save.


If you are unable to verify your DKIM or DMARC settings, then you will need to add it as a custom record to your domain DNS settings within Shopify.

If your store domain is hosted by a third-party separate to Shopify, then you will need to add the DKIM/DMARC settings to the DNS records in your domain.

  1. Click Settings, then Notifications.

  2. Click DKIM/DMARC.

  3. In another tab, open Shopify settings, click Domains.

  4. Open your primary domain.

  5. Click Domain settings, then Edit DNS Settings.
    If you do not see this option in your domain settings, your website may be hosted by a third-party. You will need to edit your DNS settings with that third-party instead.

  6. Click Add custom record, then select TXT record.

  7. In Name, copy and paste the hostname from Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.

  8. In Value, copy and paste the Value from Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.

  9. Click Confirm.

  10. We recommend waiting an hour for your DNS settings to sync. After an hour, go back to Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Notifications > DKIM/DMARC settings, and click Verify.

Your DKIM record is now verified, and customers will now receive verified emails. If needed, repeat steps 4-8 for your DMARC DNS settings.

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