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To set up the local delivery option on your store, you will need to configure both general delivery settings, as well as location-specific ones.

General delivery settings

You can enable and disable local delivery from general delivery settings. When you enable delivery, your customers will be able to select delivery in the widget.

Enable local delivery in the widget

  1. In Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, click Settings.

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  2. Click Local delivery.

  3. If delivery is disabled, click Enable.

  4. Click Save.

The local delivery option is now enabled and will appear as a checkout method in the widget for eligible locations. You can now access the general local delivery settings.

General local delivery settings

You can now set up delivery settings that will apply to all of your locations.

General delivery settings include:

Location-specific delivery settings

After local delivery is enabled in the general delivery settings, it can be enabled or disabled for every Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery location.

When you enable delivery in a location, that location will be available in the widget.

Enable local delivery for a location

  1. In Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, click Locations.

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  2. Click on the location name. If you don't have a location set up yet, add a location.

  3. Under the Local delivery section, click Enable local delivery.

  4. Click Save.

Local delivery is now enabled for this location and you can access location-specific delivery settings.

If you already have Local delivery enabled for a specific location, click Edit settings to reveal delivery settings.

Location-specific settings

You can now manage settings for each of your locations separately.

Location-specific settings include:

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