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Configuring delivery slots
Configuring delivery slots

Set up delivery time slots visible to your customers

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Delivery slots are the delivery times your customers can choose after selecting a date. They can be the same for every delivery day, or you can change them based on the day of the week. These settings need to be set up individually for each location.


  • Delivery date and time picker must be enabled.
    You can check this setting in Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Local delivery, under date and time pickers. Read more in our Delivery date and time pickers article.

Create delivery time slots

To configure delivery time slots, follow our video tutorial or the written steps.

  1. Click Locations.

  2. Click the location name you want to edit.

  3. Go to Local Delivery and click Edit settings.

  4. Find the Delivery slots section. Select whether the delivery slots are the same or different each day of the week.

  5. Click the Add slot button and configure the delivery slot from and until times. You can add as many slots as necessary.

    The slot will be blocked out when it starts (e.g. if you have one slot from 9-5, same-day delivery will not be available after 9am). If you want to offer same-day delivery, we recommend adding multiple shorter slots.

  6. If your delivery time slots are different every day of the week, then repeat this process for every day of the week.

  7. Once you have added all of your delivery slots click Save.

Repeat this process for all of your locations that offer delivery.

The delivery slots you have set up will now show in the widget.


  • If you add multiple delivery slots for the same day with the same starting time, any orders with those delivery slots cannot be edited.

  • Once a delivery slot begins, customers cannot select it for delivery.
    For example, if you have one slot from 9AM-5PM, same-day delivery will not be available after 9am.

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