How to use Store Pickup + Delivery with Shopify POS

Store Pickup + Delivery integrates automatically with Shopify POS, through tiles.

Adding the Store Pickup + Delivery tile to your home screen

To use Store Pickup + Delivery's features on POS, you'll need to add the app to the POS home screen.

1. Open the Shopify POS app.

2. On your home screen, tap "Add tile".

3. Select "App".

4. Select "Store Pickup + Delivery".

5. There are two tiles available:

  • Add pickup/delivery information to the order in progress
  • View your orders in the app dashboard

Choose which tile you would like and tap "add". You'll need to repeat this step to add the second tile.

That's it! Both Store Pickup + Delivery tiles will now appear on your home screen. 

Adding pickup/delivery details to an order

1. Tap the "Store Pickup + Delivery by Zapiet" tile.

2. Select your preferred method then enter details as prompted.

Viewing and managing your orders in the Store Pickup + Delivery Orders tab

  1. Tap the "View pickup and delivery orders" tile. A list of your orders will be displayed.
  2. To mark your orders as ready for pickup/dispatched or picked up/delivered, tap the "Select" button.
  3. Select the orders you wish to process. You can select multiple orders at the same time.
  4. Tap the actions button.

5. Tap the action you wish to use. Mark as ready for pickup/dispatched, or Mark as picked up/delivered.


  • The mark as ready for pickup and mark as picked up actions will send a notification to the customer (unless you have disabled these notifications in your app  Store Pickup + Delivery Settings / Notifications). 
  • The dispatched action will trigger the sending of Shopify's shipping confirmation notification if you have the "Mark as fulfilled once dispatched" setting enabled (Settings / Local Delivery). You can see how to include the customer's delivery details in this notification in our guide on Email notifications
  • The delivered action will only trigger the sending of Shopify's delivered notification if you have added tracking details to the order beforehand. Otherwise, no notification will be sent.

Technical limitations

  • Only merchants using POS Pro have the ability to add a delivery/shipping address and rate to the order. Shopify POS Lite does not include this feature.
  • Preparation time rules, product availability and date restrictions are not supported on POS yet. Your team will need to have these rules in mind when using POS to place an order.
  • Slot limits are not supported in the POS date picker calendar yet. Paid POS orders will count towards your slot limit, but when the slot is full it will not disable the date in the POS date picker calendar (only in the online store calendar).
  • Shopify POS printer does not support custom liquid variables or attributes which means our attributes cannot show on the receipt printed on POS.
  • Sending abandoned POS checkout emails is currently not supported, as customers will be redirected to the checkout, without our details added. 
    • If you have the pickup/delivery details from the customer, you can use the emails—you will need to add the details after sending the email, to the draft order which is then created. 

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