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Add Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery triggers to your workflow

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You can now use Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery triggers in your Shopify Flow workflows.


List of Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery triggers

When setting up a workflow with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, you can use the following triggers:

  • New delivery order created

    • Triggered when a new delivery order is created

  • New pickup order created

    • Triggered when a new pickup order is created

  • New shipping order created

    • Triggered when a new shipping order is created

  • Updated delivery order

    • Triggered when a delivery order has been updated

  • Updated pickup order

    • Triggered when a pickup order has been updated

  • Updated shipping order

    • Triggered when a shipping order has been updated

Updated order events are triggered when you change order status in Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.

Updated order events are also triggered when you update the delivery information manually.

Set up a workflow with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery

To learn more about how to create and manage a workflow, take a look at the Creating workflows in Shopify Flow article.

  1. Within Shopify Flow, click Create workflow, and then Select a trigger.

  2. Click Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery to open a set of triggers you can use.

  3. Select the trigger you want to use, and continue setting up the workflow as needed.

  4. After you've set up the workflow, click Turn on workflow.

This workflow should now be active for your future orders.

For any questions about setting up workflows, you can contact Shopify support.


  • It is not possible to set up the Flow to add a different order tag depending on whether the order is ready for pickup or picked up. Those statuses only exist in Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, not in Shopify orders.

    Since Flow can only read the Shopify order statuses, it won't be able to differentiate between ready for pickup or picked up order status.

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