Integrating Order Tagger

Learn how to integrate Order Tagger with Store Pickup + Delivery for Shopify

Order Tagger allows you to create multi-condition rules to tag orders with the selected delivery/pick-up date the customer selects from Zapiet, as well as specific tags based on the zip codes, the location they would need to pick up from, the product they have purchased and so much more. 

The problem

As soon as an order is placed Shopify notifies both Store Pickup + Delivery (SPD) and Order Tagger. Order Tagger immediately follows your configured rules and updates your orders tags. At the exact same time Store Pickup + Delivery would also be processing the order and adding it's tags. As neither app is aware of the other this can lead to missing tags. 

The solution 

If you wish to continue using Order Tagger you must disable all tags within SPD and instead create additional rules within Order Tagger. You can do this by creating rules based upon the order attributes as shown below.

Once you have fully integrated and set up the Store Pickup + Delivery app, you can use Order Tagger to group and tag orders based on more than just their delivery/pick-up date and time.

1. Under Apps, select Order Tagger order tagger and store pickup and delivery

2. Select Create new tagging ruleorder tagger and store pickup and delivery

3. The first step is to define when you would like the rule to be triggered, this can be done when it’s created, fulfilled or even when it’s paid/partially paid. There’s even an option for when it’s marked cancelled. order tagger and store pickup and delivery

4. The first condition in the rule will be the Zapiet delivery time. Open the dropdown and select the Zapiet delivery / pickup date order attribute option under integrations. order tagger and store pickup and delivery

5. Select the appropriate options based on what type of delivery you are offering on the site. By default Order Tagger will tag the order with the date and time of either the delivery or pick-up details the customer selects.

order tagger and store pickup and delivery

6. Add additional criteria to allow you to group the orders in a more segmented way. For example, use the postcode/zip code option to apply a tag based on how far the delivery location is away from the warehouse. This can help you to plot your local delivery route. order tagger and store pickup and delivery

7. Once you have selected your criteria, you can define the fixed tags you would like to apply to the order, as well as the delivery date/time which will automatically be applied. 

8. Click save

If you need help setting up the integration, please contact our support team at [email protected] or Order Tagger at [email protected] 

Order Tagger

Order Tagger

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