Apps using the Shopify Subscriptions API (Shopify checkout compatible apps) are not entirely compatible with Store Pickup + Delivery, and issues are possible.

Apps we're partially compatible with:

  • Bold Subscriptions

  • Seal Subscriptions

  • ReCharge Subscriptions

The feature to automatically increment the pickup/delivery date in subscription orders (so any subsequent orders that are auto-generated by the app have the correct future date) is available on the Pro plan with Store Pickup + Delivery for ReCharge and Bold Subscriptions.


  • The subscription rate will always display as "Shipping" because Shopify currently limits subscription shipping to one rate. The rate value should be correct, and matching the method selected in the widget.

    • Example: When you select store pickup in the widget, the Store Pickup rate will be showing as free, but it will be named "Shipping".

  • The subscription app will process the order immediately—this means they will start charging the customer from the date of purchase rather than the date of delivery.

  • Subsequent orders that are auto-generated by the app will show the fallback rates.

Please contact the subscription app's support for more information.

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