• Your store must be running v7.0.4 (or above) of Store Pickup + Delivery
    If you are unsure which version you are using please contact [email protected]

  • You must have an active Trexity account and API key

  • You must add a pickup name and phone number for each location

  • You must have our delivery date and time picker enabled

Set up a Trexity account

Before you can use this integration you must first setup a Trexity account by heading to Once you have created a Trexity account please reach out to your Trexity account manager and ask them to send you an API key for use with Zapiet.

Enable Trexity on your Shopify store

  1. Within the Store Pickup + Delivery Settings page, click Last mile delivery.

  2. Find Trexity, and click Activate Trexity.

  3. Enter your Trexity API key and click Activate Trexity.

  4. Add your email address. This is an email address we will use to tell you if there is an issue while scheduling a delivery.

  5. Select the locations Trexity should handle deliveries for.

  6. Add a Contact name and a valid Contact phone number for each selected location.

  7. Click Save.

All future delivery orders from the locations you selected will now be sent to Trexity automatically.

Enable delivery rates with Trexity

  1. Enable Trexity delivery rates and add a rate name, and description (optional).

  2. If you would like to offer free delivery over a certain value, tick that option, and add the minimum order value for free delivery.

  3. If you would like to adjust the calculated rates, add the percentage/flat amount by which the rate should increase.

Trexity will now generate rates for your deliveries.


  • When testing Trexity rates please ensure your pickup and delivery addresses are different.

  • If you're not using Trexity rates, the phone number field in the checkout should be a required section. Please set this in Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout.


  • Trexity will reject orders with customer numbers coming from outside of North America (e.g. UK numbers). When the order is rejected, you will receive a delivery creation failed email (on the support email you provided in the settings).

    • Solution: manually enter the delivery in your merchant portal using a different number than the one provided by your customer (e.g. the store phone number).

Frequently asked questions

  1. How much does Trexity charge for delivery?
    Trexity calculate their fees based upon the distance from your brick and mortar store to your customer's home. If you would like to know more please contact [email protected].

  2. Does Trexity work with Shopify's native local delivery features?
    No. The best way to integrate Trexity with your Shopify store is by using Zapiet's Store Pickup + Delivery app.

  3. Can my customers use Express Checkout or third party sales channels?
    Not currently. Shopify does not currently allow app developers to interact with third-party sales channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

  4. If I cancel a delivery order within Shopify will it automatically cancel on Trexity?
    Yes. We will automatically cancel the order within Trexity should you mark the order as cancelled within Shopify.

  5. Do the Trexity tracking details get added to my Shopify orders?
    Not currently. Trexity will automatically send your customers status updates.

  6. What locations does Trexity operate in?
    Trexity currently operates nationwide in Canada.

  7. Can I easily disable Trexity if I decide to no longer use their services?
    When you click "Disable integration" on the Trexity settings page, we will stop sending orders to Trexity. Please contact [email protected] for more information on cancelling their services.

  8. Can I operate my own deliveries alongside Trexity?
    The integration allows you to specify which of your bricks and mortar locations Trexity should handle deliveries for. This allows you to continue operating your own in-house delivery drivers for specific locations, and use Trexity for other locations.

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