Activate Shipt as your last mile delivery provider

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Shipt is a grocery delivery service that lets members order groceries from their local store right to their door.

To automatically send your orders to Shipt, we recommend connecting your Shipt account to Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.


  • You need to be on the Essential plan or higher on Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.

  • Your store must be located in the US.

  • You must have an active Shipt account and API key—reach out to Shipt support if you need help with this.

  • You need to have delivery date and time pickers enabled within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.

    • Enable this in Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Local Delivery.

Activate Shipt

  1. Within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery click Settings, then Last mile delivery.

  2. Click Activate Shipt.

  3. Enter the API key you got from Shipt and click Activate Shipt again.

Shipt has now been activated—to finish setting up, you need to configure your settings.

Configure settings

  1. Add a support email address.
    This is an email address we will use to tell you if there is an issue while scheduling a delivery.

  2. Select the locations Shipt should handle deliveries for.
    Not all locations need to be selected if you're using more than one delivery service.

  3. Add a contact name and contact number for each location. That way, Shipt can contact you with any questions regarding pickup.

  4. You can choose to add tracking details to each order.
    With this setting enabled, your orders will automatically be fulfilled in Shopify.

  5. Click Save.

Orders should now be sent to Shipt when they are created.

Delivery rates

You can use Shipt rates or Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates for your local deliveries.

Use Shipt rates


For any questions about the rate value, please contact Shipt support—we only show the rates they generate.

  1. In Delivery rates section, tick Enable Shipt rates.

  2. Enter your delivery rate name and description. Shipt will automatically calculate the cost of delivery.

  3. If you would like to offer free delivery over a certain value:

    • Tick the free delivery option.

    • Add the minimum order value over which delivery should be free.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, go to the Rates tab.

    • If you're using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates, in the Delivery prices section, click the trash bin icon to remove all delivery rates. Then, click Save changes.

    • If you're using rates with Carrier Service API, in the Delivery section, click Disable delivery rates. Then, click Confirm, disable rates and Save.

Your local delivery rates will only be generated by Shipt now.

If you are creating test orders, make sure your pickup and delivery addresses are different.

Use Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates


  • If you're not using Shipt for rates, the phone number field in the checkout should be a required section. You can set this in Shopify admin > Checkout > Customer information.

  1. In Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, click Rates.

Disable Shipt

If you would like to stop using Shipt, you can disable our integration.

  1. Within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery click Settings, then Last mile delivery.

  2. In Shipt, click Configure settings.

  3. Click Disable Shipt.

    Shipt is successfully disabled on your store. If you were using Shipt rates, add new checkout rates in the Rates tab for Local Delivery.

    If you're using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates, take a look at our Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates article to configure delivery rates.

    If you're using rates with Carrier Service API, take a look at our Adding rates for delivery (with Carrier Service API) article.


  • For any questions about the rate value, please contact Shipt support—we only show the rates they generate.

  • Cancelled orders in Shopify will also be cancelled in Shipt.


  • Customers cannot use third-party sales channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.


  • Ensure you are using the correct API key.

  • Add a Contact name and Contact phone number to all locations Shipt handles deliveries for.

  • Add a support email address to get notifications about failed orders.

  • If you are testing rates, make sure to use different pickup and delivery addresses.

If your orders aren’t going to Shipt, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

For any questions related to managing your orders within Shipt please reach out to Shipt support at [email protected].

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