Learn how to integrate Order Tagger with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery for Shopify


You must disable all tags within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, and create all your tagging rules within Order Tagger. If both apps are trying to tag the same orders this can lead to missing tags.

Creating a workflow in Order Tagger

1. Under Apps and sales channels, select Order Tagger

2. Click Create a workflow

3. Select Start from Scratch

4. Click Add criteria to my workflow

5. Select the criteria type Integration

6. Look for the Zapiet integration and click Use in your workflow

7. Select which Zapiet date and time attribute you would like to use. You can change the tag prefixes, and you can reformat the dates.

8. If you want to include the checkout method as a tag (Store Pickup, Local Delivery, or Shipping) click Add more criteria

9. Select the criteria type Order

10. Look for Order attributes (additional details) and select Use in your workflow

11. Type Checkout-Method in the attribute name field

(Other attributes you can also add are listed in our Liquid variable reference guide).

12. Click Save Workflow

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