Product date restrictions

Prevent or allow delivery, pickup, or shipping for particular items on specific dates of the year.


How to add a product date restriction

This example will demonstrate how to apply product date restrictions for Pickup orders. The same principals can be applied to Local Deliveries by following the steps below, but please make sure you have enabled the date picker for delivery to use this functionality (Store Pickup + Delivery / Settings / Local Delivery).

For Shipping orders you can configure date availability in Store Pickup + Delivery / Settings / Shipping.

Click on Locations from the main menu of the our Store Pickup + Delivery app and then click the location you wish to add a product date restriction to:

The location must have the date picker enabled in order to use product date restrictions.

You should see a new box called "Product date restrictions" just beneath the blackout dates card. To add a restriction, click Add restriction:

A popup will open asking to select the item you wish to restrict. Select the product you want to restrict from the list and click Add:

Another modal will be displayed which then allows you to set the restricted dates. Click the field to reveal a calendar:

Select the date you want and click Add date:

Click Save:

Click Save again at the top of the screen to save the changes you made. The changes will go live straight away:

Technical limitations

  • Individual product date restrictions will override blackout dates if the restricted product is the only one in cart
  • Individual product date restrictions will override product-specific preparation times
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