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With our delivery validation feature, you can validate if the customer is eligible for delivery.

If your country doesn't use postal codes, you can use our postal code matching method to serve as a city name/district matching method.

Partial postal code matching method will check the city name that your customers entered in the widget. That city name will need to match one of the city names you entered in your location settings.

Since this is a string check, you can use city names, district names, or any other set of letters/numbers to match your use case.

Please note that we don't support overlapping city names—each of your locations needs to have a unique set of city names.

To learn more about other delivery validation methods, take a look at our Delivery validation article.

How does partial postal code matching work?

  1. Enabling the partial postal code match method will add a field to the Local delivery section of our widget.

  2. You will need to enter city names in the location settings.

  3. Your customers will need to enter their city name to check if delivery is available.

    • If the city name is valid, they will be able to proceed.

    • If the city name is not valid, they will get an error and not be able to proceed further.

Enabling partial postal code match

  1. Open the Apps section in your Shopify admin and click Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.

  2. Within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, click the Settings tab.

  3. Click Local delivery.

  4. Scroll down to the Distance validation section and locate the Validation field.

  5. Select Partial postal code match.

  6. Click Save.

Adding city names to the location

  1. Within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, click the Locations tab.

  2. Click the name of the location, e.g. Almonds and Cream.

  3. Under the Local delivery section, click Edit settings.

  4. Under the Distance validation field, enter your city/district names. Separate them with a comma.

    • The feature is not case sensitive (both "CITY" and "city" will be accepted).

    • If the city you're adding contains two words (e.g. Pear land), add them as one word (e.g. PEARLAND).

    • If the city has more than 10 letters, add it as an incomplete word (e.g. Sanfrancis), as the partial validation will match it to San Francisco in the widget

  5. Click Save.

When you've saved, all the city names will be added without the spaces (e.g. "Pear land" will be added as "PEARLAND")—that is normal because we remove all the spaces when saving.

We will accept "Pear land" (with a space) that your customers enter in the widget because we remove all the spaces when validating, too.

Changing the wording in the widget

If you would like to change the wording, you can do so in our Text and design section.

  1. Within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, click the Settings tab.

  2. Click Text and design.

  3. Locate the Delivery widget settings and change the wording according to your needs. It's important to change any wording that says "postal code" to "city name".

  4. Click Save.


  • If your customers are frequently misspelling the city name, you can add the most commonly misspelt words as available for validation within a location.
    For example, you can add San Antonio, Sam Antonio, San Antoni, etc.

  • One additional step that can help with a misspelling, is changing the wording of the error message.
    Within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Text and design, under Local delivery, find the field for the error message called: "Sorry, delivery is not available in your area."

    You can change it to include the wording similar to: "Sorry, delivery is not available in your area. Please make sure the city name is spelt correctly."

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