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Delivery validation: Advanced postal code match
Delivery validation: Advanced postal code match
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This feature is designed for countries where postcodes include letters and both single and double digits. Examples include the UK (SW2 and SW20), Canada (A1A 1A1), Malta (ADB 1011), and Ireland (A02 A111).

However, you can use this feature regardless of your location if you want more control over the postal codes entered in our widget.

To learn more about other delivery validation methods, take a look at our Delivery validation article.

Compare delivery validation methods

If you're not sure if this is the right method for your use case, compare the validation methods we offer.

Recommended use

For delivering to a relatively small area

For delivering to a wide area

For more complex delivery rules

For countries that don't use postal codes

Example zip codes





123*, SW2_,



Eligible zip codes







SW2 1BS,


London, london, Milton Keynes,


Non-eligible postcodes

Any postcode that is not added to Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery

Any postcode that does not begin with 123 or SW1A

Any postcode that does not begin with 123, SW2 SW1A, has less or more digits than asterisks and is missing a space

Any city name that doesn't begin with LONDON or MILTONKEYNS

How does advanced postal code match work?

  1. When you enable the partial postal code matching and advanced postal code match, we will add a field to the local delivery section of our widget.

  2. You will need to enter eligible postal codes in the location settings.

  3. Your customers will need to enter their postal code in our widget to check if they're eligible for delivery.

    • If the postal code is eligible, they will be able to proceed.

    • If the postal code is not eligible, they will get an error and not be able to proceed further.

Postcode formatting

You can use an underscore to denote a space, and an asterisk to define boundaries.

  • SW2_ will match SW2 1AA, but not SW20 1AA.

  • SW2_*** will match SW2 1AA, but not SW2 1AAB (non-existent postcode).

When you use an underscore, your customers will need to enter a space between the first part of their postcode and the second.

For example, if you add SW2_*** in the settings, check which example postal codes will be eligible for delivery:

Zip code

Eligible for delivery





SW20 1AA


Enable advanced postal code match

Proceed with the steps, if you're using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery widget version 1 or 2. Take a look at our Which version of the widget am I using? article.

If you're on a legacy version, please reach out to us at [email protected], and we would be happy to install the update for you!

  1. Click Settings, then Local Delivery.

  2. In the Distance validation section, select Partial postal code match.

  3. Tick Enable Advanced postal code match.

  4. Click Save.

Your delivery validation settings are set, now you need to add eligible postcodes to every location that offers delivery.

Add postal codes to a location

In this example, we will enable delivery for SW2 postal codes, but not SW20.

  1. Click Locations.

  2. Click the name of the location you want to edit.

  3. In the Local delivery section, click Edit settings.

  4. In the Distance validation field, enter your partial eligible postal codes. Separate them with a comma.

    • Please note that we don't support overlapping postal codes—each of your locations needs to have a unique set of postal codes.

  5. Click Save.

Repeat for all the locations that offer local delivery, but make sure that every location has a unique set of postcodes.

In this particular case you do not need to use the asterisks, but you can if you want more control over which entries will be valid.

Change the wording in the widget

You can change the wording in the widget to show a sample postal code, if needed.

  1. Click Settings then Text and Design.

  2. In Text and design section, click Show next to Delivery widget.

  3. Edit the text of Search field placeholder to include a sample postal code.

  4. Click Save.

Changes will be immediately applied to the widget.

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