Intuitive shipping [version guide]


We recommend using apps like Intuitive Shipping when you have more complex rate needs, like product based rates, date based rates, or any other more advanced scenarios. For more information, you can contact their support team at

If you would like Intuitive Shipping rates to show only for certain checkout methods, we recommend integrating Intuitive Shipping with Store Pickup + Delivery.

When using Intuitive Shipping, there are two potential versions you could be using, which affects how you integrate Intuitive Shipping with Store Pickup + Delivery, and how the rates are set up.

If you aren't sure which version you are using, you can follow the instructions below to find out.

Checking the version

  1. Go to Apps, and click on Intuitive Shipping.
  2. Check the URL and the website design.
    If the app looks like this, it is the Legacy version.
    To integrate the Legacy version, please follow our Integrating Intuitive Shipping [Legacy] guide.
  3. If it looks different, check the URL for V2.
    If the Intuitive Shipping app opens in a new tab, it is Version 2.
    To integrate Version 2, please follow our Integrating Intuitive Shipping [Version 2] guide

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