Product Options and Customizer by Product Customizer

Product Options and Customizer helps you add unlimited variants to your product pages: text boxes, drop-down menus, checkboxes, file upload fields, image swatches & calendar dates. Product Options and Customizer helps you supercharge revenue with per option pricing. Add-on charges equal higher revenue per order.


Installing Product Options and Customizer:

For help installing the Product Options and Customizer app, please reach out to their team at [email protected]

Adding item customizations to your Zapiet locations:

If you have your product availability set to specific products, and you have customized products in the list, there is an additional item created by the Product Options and Customizer app that you need to add to the list as well.

To do this, locate the Product Availability section, and click on Select products:

A popup will appear, select the product called "Item Customizations" and click "Add":

Including item customizations in your conditional activation rules:

If you're using the conditional activation feature to enable an option based on a specific product type, tag, collection, or vendor, and you would like to have your customized item meet that condition, you'll have to take into consideration the hidden item "Item Customizations" as well.

For example, let's say you have the pickup option only enabled when the product tag equals "Enable Pickup" as illustrated in the following screenshot:

Make sure to apply the same tag to the "Item Customizations" product by following these steps:
1 - Click Products from Shopify's admin side bar and click on the item:

2 - locate the TAGS section and add "Enable Pickup"( This should match what you've setup as a tag in the previous screenshot):

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