Creating different delivery schedules for different areas



When you manage your delivery schedule based on geographical area, you might need to control which days or times customers from a certain area can book for delivery. A couple of example scenarios are:

  • You deliver to one area Monday - Wednesday, and another area Thursday - Sunday.
  • You deliver to one area in the morning slot, and another in the afternoon slot.

This guide will show you how to set up different delivery slots for the different areas you offer delivery to, using zip codes to differentiate between areas.

For this tutorial you'll need to be using exact or partial zip code matching delivery validation. See here for how to change your delivery validation method.


This solution involves creating multiple locations in Store Pickup + Delivery, so please check the maximum number of locations your plan allows you to create by going to Store Pickup + Delivery - Settings - Subscription.

Group your zip codes by delivery slot

You'll want to prepare a list of zip codes per area that you deliver to. For example, zip codes in area A are delivered to every day of the week from 9am-6pm, and zip codes in area B are delivered to just on Mondays from 6am-2pm.

Each group needs to contain unique zip code values. There shouldn't be any zip codes appearing in more than one of your groups (especially if you are using partial zip code matching), otherwise Store Pickup + Delivery will not know which delivery schedule to display to the customer.

Set up your first location

You may have already configured Local Delivery on your first location, in which case you can move to Setting up your second delivery schedule.

  1. Edit your first location in the Locations section of Store Pickup + Delivery by clicking the name of the location.
  2. Configure the delivery days and times you would like to offer for your first group of zip codes.
  3. Enter the group of eligible zip codes for this delivery schedule in the Distance Validation field, separated by commas.
  4. Click Save.

Setting up your second delivery schedule

  1. Once the first location has been set up, you can scroll to the bottom of the location's page, and click the link to duplicate the location.
  2. Navigate back to the main Locations screen by clicking Locations in the top menu bar.
  3. You'll see a duplicate location now appearing with (Copy) in the name. Click it to edit its settings.
  4. Configure the delivery days and times you would like to offer for your second group of zip codes.
  5. Enter the group of eligible zip codes for this delivery schedule in the Distance Validation field, separated by commas.


    This list must not overlap with the zip codes listed on your original location.

  6. If your original location also offers Store Pickup, you'll need to disable Store Pickup on the (Copy), otherwise it will appear in the list of pickup locations. 
  7. Click Save.

Repeat steps 1-7 as required, for each area that you deliver to.

End result

The expected end result will be:

  • Customer selects Local Delivery on the Store Pickup + Delivery widget in the cart.
  • Customer is prompted to enter their zip code, to check if they are eligible for Local Delivery.
  • After entering their zip code, the calendar date and time picker will appear, displaying the options available to the customer according to your location settings.
  • Customer selects their preferred date and time and proceeds to the checkout.

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