How to uninstall Store Pickup + Delivery

Decided the app is not for you? Follow this step by step guide to uninstall and cancel your monthly subscription.

Cancel your subscription

  1. Within Shopify click Apps
  2. Click the trash icon next to Store Pickup + Delivery
  3. Within the pop-up click Delete

Removing the widget

To complete the uninstall process you must now remove some a line of code from your theme. If you aren't comfortable doing this please reach out to [email protected] for help.

  1. Within Shopify click Online Store
  2. Click on Actions and then Edit Code
  3. Remove the following code from your layout/theme.liquid file
    {% include "storepickup" %}

  4. Click Save

Remove supporting files

When the app is installed we add several files to your theme. Although these assets pose no issue once the widget has been removed, it is best practice to delete them.

In your theme editor open the file snippets/storepickup.liquid

Click on the trash icon and delete from within the popup

Repeat the above for both snippets/storepickup-addons.liquid and assets/storepickup.js

Remove pickup and delivery rates

If you manually created your pickup and delivery rates when you installed the app you must now remove them 

  1. Head over to Settings and then Shipping
  2. Select your Store Pickup and/or Local Delivery shipping rates and delete them. If you have multiple rates for weight/pricing you will need to delete all of these.

Any problems email: [email protected]

Billing period

Your billing period for Zapiet Store Pickup + Delivery will end immediately. But, you will not be charged until your usual Shopify bill date. For instance, if you uninstall Store Pickup + Delivery on the 10th of the Month and your usual bill date is the 23rd. You will still see a charge for the app in this bill. After this period there will be not further billing from our app.

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