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Installation setup guide
Installation setup guide
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After you have installed Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, go through our initial setup guide to get started.

  1. Select whether you offer Shipping, Local Delivery or Store Pickup.

    • Shipping. Customers will be able to select shipping when checking out.

    • Local Delivery. Customers will be able to select local delivery when checking out.

      Select if you would like to allow your customers to select a date and time for delivery.

      Select if you would like to set geographic restrictions to ensure you can fulfil your customers' delivery requests. You can read more about delivery validation methods in our Delivery validation article.

    • Store Pickup. Customers will be able to select store pickup when checking out.

  2. Select the languages in which your store operates.

  3. If you operate in multiple languages, you can choose the default language (this option appears after you select 2 or more languages).

  4. Tick I agree to be contacted by e-mail if you would like to be updated about our product releases, improvements, and issues relating to the app.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. If you wish to enable the Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery widget, click Select a specific theme and select the theme.
    We recommend enabling the widget on a duplicate theme so you can test it out first.

  7. Click Preview in theme.

  8. Check that Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery app embed is enabled.

  9. Click Save.

  10. If you select to enable Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery widget later, you will need to do this step when you are ready, to make sure the widget shows on your theme. For more information, you can check our Enabling the cart widget on your theme article.

  11. Click Continue.

  12. Your initial setup is now completed! Click Continue to Dashboard to access the app.

  13. Follow our setup guide to complete the setup.

  14. If you offer store pickup, configure your checkout setting in Shopify. In Shopify admin click Settings, then click Checkout.

  15. In Address collection preferences, untick Use the shipping address as the billing address by default setting.

    • This will prevent customers from using the pickup address as their billing address.

  16. Click Save.

Your initial setup is now completed, continue setting up Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery according to your business needs.

Feel free to reach our support team at [email protected] or via the live chat button, if you have any questions or are facing any issues with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.

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