What is exact matching?

Exact matching checks if the postal/zip code your customers enter exactly matches the one you have entered in the settings.

When you create zones within Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code you will need to enter the full eligible postal/zip code.

Examples: 10001, 90210, NP18 3DD.

This mode is only useful if you send goods to a couple of postal/zip codes.

If you deliver to the entire of Toronto for example, then you probably don't want to enter all 850,000 zip codes into the app. You can use our partial matching option instead.

What is partial matching?

Partial matching is useful if you deliver to hundreds or more postal/zip codes. Rather than individually entering each complete postal/zip code, you can enter a part of it instead.

Example: 902 would match any postal/zip code you enter so long as it begins with 902โ€”90210, 90211, 90212.

How to switch between matching methods?

You can switch between exact and partial matching on the Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code Settings page.

Look for the Zip code matching setting, choose your preference, and click Save.

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