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Conditional activation
Conditional activation

Enable or disable pickup, delivery and shipping depending on specific conditions

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Our conditional activation feature allows you to enable or disable the checkout methods depending on:

  • The order value or weight

  • The product type, collection, vendor, or tags

To access the conditional activation settings

  1. Within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, open the Settings tab.

  2. Select the checkout method you'd like to set conditions for.

  3. Find the Conditional activation section.

  4. To see all the options, enable the feature Conditional activation by product type, collection, vendor, or tags.

Take a look at our method-specific articles to see how they should be set up.


  • When using conditional activation to disable an option, the option will be disabled if just one product with that value is in the cart.

  • When using conditional activation to enable an option, all products in the cart must have that value.

  • Values are case-sensitive. That means that “No Pickup” and “no pickup” are entirely different values.

  • You cannot use special characters like “&” in the name of the collection, as they are not supported.

  • We do not highlight which products cause the checkout method to be disabled. If you would like to show which products are available for different checkout methods, please follow our guide on displaying tags on the cart page.

  • If you're using a drawer cart, our conditional activation will only reliably work by vendor or product type. If you would like to use conditional activation by tag or collections, you will need to use our app in the regular cart.

  • Conversions to different currencies are not supported—conditional activation by cart value is only supported in your store's currency. Our app only reads the number of the value (regardless of the currency) and compares it to the value you added in the settings.

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