What is preparation time?

More often than not, you'll require time to prepare an order before your customers can collect. You can specify how much time you required using our preparation time feature. Follow the guide below to learn how to use it.

Configuring pickup preparation times

  1. Edit your pickup Location by clicking its name

  2. Find the Preparation time section and click Enabled
    Note you must have the pickup date picker enabled to use the preparation time settings

  3. In the example below customers must allow 2 hours before picking up their order

Same day pickup cut-off time

You can easily add a cut-off time for same day pickups by following the instructions below.

  1. Click Apply additional rule after a specific time

  2. Set your same-day cut off time by modifying the Orders placed after value. In this example if a customer orders after 2pm the earliest they can pickup is tomorrow.

  3. Set the minimum notice value. If you want to offer next day pickups after 2pm set the value to 1 day.

  4. Click Save

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