AntsRoute - Route Optimization

AntsRoute is an all-in-one solution to manage your routes from smart planning to drivers’ progress tracking. 


To use AntsRoute, you will need to have:

  • Active AntsRoute account
  • AntsRoute API key
  • Delivery date and time picker enabled in Store Pickup + Delivery

Setting up AntsRoute

For detailed instructions on setting up AntsRoute, please check the integration article on the AntsRoute help center.

Get AntsRoute API key

  1. Create an AntsRoute account.
  2. In AntsRoute, click your Profile > API key.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Select your AntsRoute site, and click Create.
  5. Copy the API key. You will need it when connecting AntsRoute to Store Pickup + Delivery.
  6. Click Continue.

Connect AntsRoute with Store Pickup + Delivery

  1. Go to Store Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Last mile delivery
  2. Click Activate AntsRoute
  3. Enter your AntsRoute API key and click Activate

AntsRoute integration should now be activated. 

AntsRoute settings

First set an average duration of your deliveries. If you’re not sure what the average duration is yet, set it to 10.

Next, add a support email address. This is an email address we will use to tell you if there is an issue while sending the delivery to AntsRoute.

Lastly, choose the Store Pickup + Delivery locations whose orders we will send to AntsRoute. Make sure you add a contact name and a contact phone for that location.

AntsRoute support

If you have any questions about AntsRoute and how it works, please reach out to

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