1. Overview
  2. How the integration works
  3. How to find your Onfleet API key
  4. Enabling Onfleet within Store Pickup + Delivery
  5. Making customers telephone a required field
  6. Important notes and restrictions


Onfleet allows you to provide delightful customer experiences, increase on-time deliveries and scale operations efficiently with the world’s most advanced fleet management platform. This article details how our integration with Onfleet works and provides help for getting setup. 

Our Onfleet integration has been built to work seamlessly with our local delivery functionality. It's perfect for both scheduled and on-demand orders. 

How it works

By default when you mark a delivery order as "Ready for dispatch" within Store Pickup + Delivery we will automatically create two connected tasks within Onfleet. The first will be a pickup task that contains your bricks and mortar stores address. The second will be a delivery task that contains your customers home address. 

Both tasks will contain your Shopify order number and the items ordered.

If your customer has left a comment in your themes "note" field we will also include that within both tasks. 

Should you not require the creation of the pickup task you can disable it via the Onfleet integration settings page.

Tracking information

Once your order has been sent through to Onfleet we will automatically create a fulfilment within Shopify and attach the Onfleet tracking number and url. 

Order status updates are supported—when the order is in transit/completed, the status will change in Store Pickup + Delivery.

How to find your Onfleet API Key

  1. Goto and login to your Onfleet account
  2. Click Settings
  3. Then click API & Webhooks
  4. If you have previously created an API key you will see it listed. Select it and click Edit. You will then see your API key in the field labelled Key.
  5. If you do not see an API key listed click the plus button to create one.

Enabling Onfleet within Store Pickup + Delivery

Before enabling Onfleet please ensure that you have set the customers telephone number to be a required field within your Shopify checkout settings. Learn more.

  1. Within Store Pickup + Delivery click Settings and Integrations
  2. Locate the Onfleet settings section and click Activate Onfleet
  3. Enter your Onfleet API key and configure your settings as required
  4. Click Save

How to make customers telephone a required field

  1. Within Shopify click Settings and Checkout
  2. Locate the setting called Shipping address phone number and ensure it's marked as required
  3. Click Save

Important notes and restrictions

  • If a customer enters an invalid phone number the order will be rejected from Onfleet. We are working on adding a notification to the store owner should this happen. 
  • Editing orders is not currently supported.
  • You can disable the creation of the pickup task via the Onfleet integration settings page. 
  • You must have the Pickup/Delivery time picker enabled for the integration to work
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