Shopify Javascript SDK

Learn how to create a custom integration with Store Pickup + Delivery using the Shopify JS SDK

Please note: This is a working document and so is not yet complete. We have yet to fully create a first party integration with the Shopify JS SDK. You will certainly need to be seriously Shopify/JS developer in order to get things up and running. 

Hidden Attributes

Below is an example of how to add Store Pickup + Delivery details to your orders via the JS SDK.

const checkoutId = 'Z2lkOi8vc2hvcGlmeS9DaGVja291dC9kMTZmM2EzMDM4Yjc4N=';

const input = {
    customAttributes: [
        { key: "Checkout-Method", value: "pickup" },
        { key: "Pickup-Location-Id", value: "1" },
        { key: "Pickup-Location-Company", value: "Zapiet" },
        { key: "Pickup-Location-Address-Line-1", value: "1 Hacker Way" },
        { key: "Pickup-Location-City", value: "Menlo Park" },
        { key: "Pickup-Location-Region", value: "California" },
        { key: "Pickup-Location-Postal-Code", value: "90420" },
        { key: "Pickup-Location-Country", value: "United States" },
        { key: "Pickup-Date", value: "2019-01-31" },
         { key: "Pickup-Time", value: "14:30" }

client.checkout.updateAttributes(checkoutId, input).then((checkout) => {
  // Do something with the updated checkout

Checkout Url 

When redirecting customers to the Shopify checkout process you should ensure all of the parameters from the following method are appending to the url:


So that you end up with something like:

This will then ensure the correct locale and details are pre-populated within the checkout process. 

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