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Which version of the rates am I using?
Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery ratesLearn how to use Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates without needing Shopify Carrier Service API
Shopify Carrier Service API
Rates functionalityWays to set up your rates when using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery
Rates setup guide (with the Carrier Service API)Configure your Shopify and Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates
Adding rates for store pickup (with Carrier Service API)
Adding rates for delivery (with Carrier Service API)
Adding rates for shipping (with Carrier Service API)
Fallback rates
Integrating carrier ratesAdd other carriers for more complex rate options
Calculating handling fees (with Carrier Service API)
Troubleshooting rates issues (with Carrier Service API)What to check when your rates are not working as expected
Intuitive shipping [version guide]Find the version of Intuitive Shipping that you are using in order to follow the correct integration guide
Integrating Intuitive Shipping [Legacy version]Integrate Intuitive shipping rates within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery shipping or delivery rates section
Integrating Intuitive Shipping [Version 2]
Integrating Zapiet - Rates by DistanceLearn how to integrate Zapiet - Rates by Distance with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery
Integrating Zapiet - Rates by Zip CodeLearn how to connect Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code to Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery
Integrating Zapiet - Product Rates
Integrating Bespoke Shipping
Integrating Advanced Shipping Rules
Integrating Boxify rates
Integrating Canada Post rates
Integrating UPS rates
Integrating USPS rates
Integrating FedEx rates
Integrating DHL rates