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Fallback rates (Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates)
Fallback rates (Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates)
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Rates set up in Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery will show when customers go through our widget on your cart page. We attach the information selected in the widget in the form of the ZapietID, and are able to show the correct rates at checkout.

Fallback rates (backup rates) will show if the ZapietID is missing, when:

  • You have sent a draft order to the customer without including the rate.

  • You are using a third-party sales channel (such as Pinterest or Facebook).

Enable fallback rates

Only proceed with this article, if you're using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates. Which version of the rates am I using?

  1. In Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, click Rates.

  2. In Rate settings section, select your preferred fallback delivery option.

  3. If you select Local delivery or Store pickup, you need to select which locations' rates will appear at checkout.

  4. Click Save changes.


  • You cannot use Last Mile Delivery partners' rates as fallback rates.

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