Enabling Zapiet - Product Rates
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Make sure that Zapiet - Product Rates is enabled on your store, so it can generate rates for your customers at the checkout.

If you’re using Zapiet - Product Rates together with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, take a look at our Zapiet - Product Rates integration article instead.


  • The Carrier Service API is required when using Zapiet - Product Rates, in order to show the rates in the checkout. You can learn more in our Shopify Carrier API guide.

  • All physical products need to be marked as This product requires shipping in Shopify.

  • You need to create a product group before adding the rates.

  • You need to create rates.

Add Zapiet - Product Rates as a carrier

Zapiet - Product Rates will be enabled on your store by default.

Zapiet - Product Rates should be added as a carrier in Shopify when the app is installed. You can check that it has been added correctly, and add it manually if it's not.

  1. In Shopify Settings, click Shipping and Delivery.

  2. In the General shipping profile, click Manage.

  3. Check if Zapiet - Product Rates is added as a carrier for your domestic shipping zone.

  4. If Zapiet - Product Rates is not added to your shipping profile, click Add rate.

  5. Click Use carrier or app to calculate rates and select Zapiet - Product Rates.

  6. Tick Services and add a handling fee if needed.

  7. Click Done.

  8. Click Save.

Zapiet - Product Rates is now generating rates for your store. You can test your shipping rates to check that everything is set up correctly.

If you are using custom shipping profiles, you need to add Zapiet - Product Rates manually by following steps 5-7 to each shipping profile.

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