If you are using ReCharge subscriptions, you can now enable the feature to increment dates on future subscription orders.

To read more about how ReCharge and Store Pickup + Delivery work together, take a look at our ReCharge Subscriptions article.


  • You need to be on the Pro plan or higher with Store Pickup + Delivery.

  • You need to be on the newest version of ReCharge.

  • You can have only one subscription integration enabled—you can’t have ReCharge and Bold Subscriptions active at the same time.

  • You need to use day, week or year subscription intervals (no support for monthly or custom intervals).

  • An order must contain a single subscription frequency (multiple items on the same order cannot contain different subscription frequencies).

Enable ReCharge Subscriptions integration

  1. Contact ReCharge support at [email protected] and ask them to enable the _rc_address_id attribute on your store. When they confirm that this is enabled on your store, you can continue with the steps.

  2. Within Store Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Integrations, click Activate ReCharge.

  3. On the next screen click Install.

You have now integrated ReCharge and Store Pickup + Delivery, and the dates should increment for your future orders.

For example, if the date selected in the widget was the 13th of September, and the delivery frequency is 2 days, the date on the next order will be the 15th of September. Each new order will be incremented by another 2 days.

View order logs

You can view incrementation logs within within Store Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Integrations > ReCharge > View settings.

The logs will show the order number, the date the order was incremented, and the values that were changed (e.g. Incremented pickup date from 2022-09-13 to 2022-09-15).

Disable ReCharge Subscriptions integration

If you want to stop using the Store Pickup + Delivery and ReCharge integration, you can disable it.

  1. Within Store Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Integrations > ReCharge, click View settings.

  2. Click Disable integration.

The integration will now be disabled, and the dates will stop incrementing.


  • An order's billing date may be different than the delivery/pickup date.

    • Example: A customer orders on Monday for a weekly subscription and wants their deliveries on a Wednesday. Recurring orders will be created on Monday and added to your Zapiet dashboard with the delivery/pickup date automatically incremented to the following Wednesday.

  • If a customer wants to change their delivery date for all future orders, they must cancel their subscription and create a new one.

  • If a customer wants to change the delivery date of a single subscription order, the merchant can modify it directly in the Store Pickup + Delivery dashboard.

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