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Learn why Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery doesn't integrate with Shop channel

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Shop channel is an iOS and Android online shopping assistant. Once you have the Shop channel enabled, personalized product recommendations from your store will show up in your customers’ Shop feeds.

Shopify doesn’t yet give apps a way to integrate with the Shop channel. As soon as they provide a way, we will be happy to integrate with it.

Until then, customers using the Shop channel will not be able to select pickup, delivery, or shipping through our widget.

If you do not want customers placing regular shipping orders as if our channel does not exist, we recommend turning off Shop channel.

Please contact Shopify support for any further questions about the Shop channel.

Shop channel is not the same as Shop pay. You can use Shop Pay as an express checkout method, but we do not recommend using the Shop channel. For more information on Shop Pay you can take a look at our express checkout methods article.

Shop channel in an order

You can recognize that an order has been made through Shop channel at the top of the Shopify order page.

Or at the bottom of the order view timeline. Instead of the Online store, the note will say The customer placed this order on Shop.

This order will not have Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery attributes, as it did not go through our widget. The rates shown at checkout would be fallback rates (if you're using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates and have fallback rate enabled).

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