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Before you create rates

Rates are tied to a location, and you can have as many rates as you like. You can create price-based rates, weight-based rates, or have both active at the same time—Zapiet - Rates by Distance will show all the rates your customer is eligible for.

Create your first rate

  1. In Zapiet - Rates by Distance, go to Locations and rates

  2. Click the location you want to create rates for

  3. Go to the Rates section

  4. Click Add price-based rate or Add weight-based rate

You’ll now be able to give your rate a name and a description, set rate limits, and adjust pricing.

You can change weight, distance units, and the currency symbol in Settings

Available rate limits are

  • Minimum order price/weight

  • Maximum order price/weight

  • Minimum distance

  • Maximum distance

If you want there to be no limit for a rate limit field, leave that field blank. When it comes to rate pricing, you can choose to have a base fee, as well as price per distance (mile or kilometer). Please keep in mind that price per distance is always calculated from 0, regardless of your minimum distance setting. After you’ve set up your rate, click Create rate.

For a deeper dive into rates, take a look at our rate setup examples

After you’ve created rates

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