Any Shopify app that calculates rates needs the Shopify carrier-calculated shipping feature to show those rates to your customers. Delivery Rates by Distance is no exception.

To check if the feature is enabled on your store, go to the Delivery Rates by Distance dashboard by going to Shopify Apps > Delivery Rates by Distance. If you don’t see any prompts asking you to enable carrier-calculated shipping feature, you’re good to go. Otherwise, please keep reading.

Ways to enable the carrier-calculated shipping feature

  • Pay Shopify $20 per month

  • Switch to annual billing (recommended)

  • Upgrade to the Advanced or Plus plan

Choose your way, and then contact Shopify to enable the carrier-calculated shipping feature on your store.


We don’t get any commission from the carrier-calculated shipping. We are actively nudging Shopify to give merchants the feature for free on all plans.

After you’ve enabled the carrier-calculate shipping feature

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