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Shopify carrier-calculated shipping
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Our latest rates feature allows merchants to use Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates without needing access to carrier-calculated shipping. Contact us on chat so we could update your store to use the newest version.

If you are using a subscriptions app alongside Zapiet, you will need to remain on the carrier-calculated shipping version due to Shopify limitations.

Only proceed with this article if, because of the limitations of our newest rates feature, you need to use our rates with the carrier-calculated shipping.

The carrier-calculated shipping (also called the Shopify Carrier Service API) is a Shopify feature that allows apps like Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery to generate rates within your checkout. You can learn more about it in the Shopify Carrier-calculated shipping article.

Availability of the carrier-calculated shipping feature depends on the Shopify plan you are on.

Not available

Not available

Ability to enable



Why do I need the carrier-calculated shipping?

The carrier-calculated shipping is required if you want to show the customer only the rates that are related to the checkout method selected in the widget.

  • When Store Pickup is selected, only show the store pickup rate

  • When Local Delivery is selected, only show local delivery rates

  • When Shipping is selected, only show shipping rates

If your rates are added to your Shopify shipping zone, all rates will appear at the same time regardless of checkout method selected.

You can read more about rates in our:

Add the carrier-calculated shipping feature


  • You need to be logged into the store owner account to manage billing changes

  • You need to be on the Shopify plan called Shopify

    • Carrier-calculated shipping is not available on Starter and Basic plans

You can add the carrier-calculated shipping to your Shopify plan in two ways:

    • You can pay Shopify $20 per month for the carrier-calculated shipping feature.

Zapiet does not benefit in any way from charges for the carrier-calculated shipping. This is purely a Shopify feature.

Switch to annual billing

  1. Within Shopify settings, click Plan.

  2. Click Change plan.

  3. Select Yearly, and click Choose this plan button under the Shopify plan.

  4. Select the billing cycle, confirm it and click Start plan.

  5. Once you have switched to annual billing, contact Shopify through the Shopify Help Center and ask:

    “I have just switched to annual billing in order to use the carrier-calculated shipping for free. Could you enable it on my account as soon as possible so that I can use Zapiet's rates features?”

Pay monthly

  1. Visit the Shopify help center and log into your account.

  2. Select Account.

  3. Select Plans and billing.

  4. Scroll down and select Chat with us.

  5. Copy and paste the text below into the Your message field and click Chat with us.
    ​“Could you add the carrier-calculated shi
    pping to my plan for $20/month so that I can use Zapiet's rates features?”


If the carrier-calculated shipping is not active on your Shopify plan, you'll see the following message in Shopify Settings > Shipping and delivery > Carrier accounts. You'll need to contact Shopify Support to enable it.

The carrier-calculated shipping can be automatically disabled in some circumstances, for example:

  • Your Shopify plan was downgraded

  • Your billing cycle frequency was changed from annual to monthly

  • Your annual plan came to an end

  • Your store was moved from a Development plan to a paid plan

In these cases please contact Shopify Support to re-enable the carrier-calculated shipping.

Please note that Zapiet is not able to enable or disable the carrier-calculated shipping on your Shopify plan.

Next step

Once you have enabled the carrier-calculated shipping, follow our Rates setup guide to set up your pickup, delivery, and shipping rates.

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