With Zapiet - Rates by Distance, you can dynamically calculate delivery charges based on distance from store to door. Zapiet - Rates by Distance supports multiple outlets and give you the flexibility to add multiple delivery outlets and charge differently at each. It works perfectly with metric and imperial units, no matter which you prefer.

1. Go to zapiet.com and click on Shopify Apps and select Rates by Distance.

2. Click Start 30-day free trial

3. Adding the app will take you to the Shopify admin panel within your store. Click Install App

4. You have now installed Zapiet - Rates by Distance.

To finish your setup, follow our getting started guide here, or in the app. You will learn how to create a location, rates, edit your settings, and test rates before showing them to your customers.


You can always ask us for help at [email protected].

After you’ve installed Zapiet - Rates by Distance

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