Before you create a zone

To be able to set up rates, you first need to create a zone which contains all the postal/zip codes you deliver to.


If you’re using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery you still need to complete this step.

Create your first zone

  1. Click Zones & Rates in your Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code dashboard.

  2. Click Add zone.

  3. Enter the zone name and the postal/zip codes, separated by commas. If you don't want to have the zone active yet, you can set it to Disabled. When you're done, click Create zone.


If you have a lot of postal/zip codes, maybe partial postal/zip code match would be a better fit. Please take a look at our Partial and exact zip code matching article.

You can create as many zones as you like. Just click Create zone and repeat the process. Please make sure the postal codes are unique to each zone.

When you’re done, let’s create rates for your zone.

After you’ve created a zone

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