We recommend using apps like Bespoke Shipping when you need more complex delivery and shipping rates, like product-based rates, zipcode-based rates or any other more advanced scenarios.

If you would like Bespoke Shipping rates to show only when your customers select delivery or shipping in our widget, then we would recommend integrating Bespoke Shipping within the Rates tab of Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.

Bespoke Shipping can be used for your delivery and/or shipping rates.


  • To use third-party app rates, Shopify requires you to have Carrier service API enabled. Read more in our Carrier service API article.

Enable Bespoke Shipping

To integrate Bespoke Shipping with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, you will need to find your unique API key.

  1. Go to Apps, then click Bespoke Shipping.

  2. Within the Bespoke Shipping app, click Settings.

  3. Scroll down and copy the API key.

  4. Go to Apps, and click Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.

  5. Go to the Rates tab.

  6. Depending on whether you'd like Bespoke Shipping to provide rates for delivery or shipping, go to the Delivery or Shipping section and click Advanced Options.

  7. Find Bespoke Shipping and click Add Carrier.

  8. Paste your Bespoke Shipping API key and tick Enable Bespoke Shipping rates.

  9. If needed, add handling fees and click Save.

Your Bespoke Shipping rates should be generated through Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery now—you can now test them.

  • If you've integrated it in the delivery section, they will show when your customers select delivery in the widget.

  • If you've integrated it in the shipping section, they will show when your customers select shipping in the widget.

Disable Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates

If you are using Bespoke Shipping rates only, we recommend disabling Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery delivery rates, and/or removing any shipping zones in the Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery shipping section.

Only Bespoke Shipping should be added as a carrier within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.

Disable Delivery rates

  1. Within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, open the Rates tab.

  2. Within the Delivery section, click Disable delivery rates.

  3. Confirm to disable rates.

  4. Click Save.

Your Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates are disabled now, and the only rates generating for delivery will be coming from Bespoke Shipping.

Disable Shipping rates

  1. Within Store pickup + Delivery, open the Rates tab.

  2. Within the Shipping section, click Edit next to your shipping zone.

  3. Click Delete zone.

  4. Confirm to delete this shipping zone.

Your Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery shipping rates are deleted now, and the only rates generated for shipping will be coming from Bespoke Shipping.

Prevent duplicate rates

When your Bespoke Shipping rates are generated through Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, we recommend removing Bespoke Shipping as the carrier from Shopify shipping and delivery settings.

  1. Go to Shopify Settings and then Shipping and delivery.

  2. Click Manage.

  3. Delete Bespoke Shipping as a carrier if it's added to your domestic shipping zone.

    Only Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery should be added as a carrier under your domestic shipping zone. Then, our app can control which rates to show at checkout, depending on the checkout method selected in our widget.

Disable Bespoke Shipping

  1. Within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, go to the Rates tab.

  2. Depending on where you've integrated it, find Bespoke Shipping under the delivery and/or shipping section.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Untick Enable Bespoke Shipping rates, then click Save.

Bespoke Shipping rates will no longer appear when selecting delivery or shipping in our app.

Make sure to add your delivery and shipping rates within our app or Shopify, to make sure your customers can check out. You can take a look at our Rates setup guide for more information.


If you're not seeing Bespoke Shipping rates:

  • Check if the correct API key is added

  • If you're in a test mode with Bespoke Shipping, make sure you're following their instructions for testing

  • Contact Bespoke Shipping at [email protected] to make sure the rates are set up correctly in their app

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