Pickup address is not populating shipping address fields

Common reasons 

  1. We can not locate your cart form. To solve this simply add the ID of "cart_form" to your shopping cart from. This is usually located within your themes cart.liquid or sections/cart-template.liquid file.

  2. You have Pre‑Order Manager 2.0 by Amai actively or previously installed on your store. Pre-Order Manager is not compatible with Store Pickup + Delivery. If you have Pre-Order Manager installed your customers will be able to checkout without first validating if they are eligible for delivery or picking a date and time for pickup. It will also prevent the pickup address from populating the shipping address fields in the checkout.

    To resolve this compatibility issue please uninstall Pre-Order Manager and ensure the following line of code is removed from your themes layout/theme.liquid file:

    {% render 'spurit_po2_theme_snippet' %}
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