Google Maps is known for pinpoint accuracy when it comes to distance measuring.

That’s why Zapiet - Rates by Distance lets you choose Google Maps as your route and address provider. If you’ve chosen Google Maps, you’ll need to make a few steps to get it working.

Enable APIs

1. Visit the Google Maps Platform page and click Get started

2. Within the Maps APIs and Services page click Distance Matrix API

3. On the Distance Matrix API page click Enable

4. Click APIs in the side bar and select Geocoding API

5. On the Geocoding API page click Enable

Now that you’ve enabled all required APIs, let’s create an API key

Create API key

1. Click the Navigation menu button

2. Go to APIs & Services > Credentials

3. Click Create Credentials > API Key

4. You should now see your Google Maps API key. Please do not restrict it.

Copy the key now—you’ll need it in the next step.

Enter API key

1. Go to Zapiet - Rates by Distance > Settings > Route and Address Provider

2. Make sure Google Maps is selected

3. Paste your Google Maps API key in the Provider’s API key field

4. Click Test Google Maps

If you got an “ok” response, you’re good to go. If not, make sure your API key has no restrictions and has both Geocoding and Distance Matrix APIs enabled.

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