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Creating packages
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If you need to have packages in requests we send to you, you can define them in the Packages section. You can then use packaging variables in the requests to get the package the merchant chooses.

Create a package

  1. Go to the App Setup page

  2. Click Add package

  3. Enter a package name that the merchants will see in the Name field

  4. Enter the internal name for this package in Courier name

  5. Enter the length, width, height, and the measurement unit

  6. Choose whether you want to set that package as the default

  7. Click Add Package

  8. Save changes at the top of the page

Merchant perspective

When you define packages, a merchant will see them on the integration page. They will be able to

  • Select their default package

  • Set the weight threshold for each package


Please take a look at our packaging variables in the variable guide. You can then reference them in requests like any other variable. For example, ####{{ package.length }}

Now it’s time to start creating requests—first one is the rate estimate.

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