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Rate estimate request lets you show your delivery rates directly to customers.

Rate request

We send a rate request when a customer goes to the rate page in Shopify checkout. To format the rate request:

  1. Go to the App Setup page

  2. Click Rate estimate

First, choose between 2 rate modes:

  • Manual

  • Automatic

If you don’t want to offer rate estimates, you can set the rate mode to Manual. Merchants will then need to set up rates on their own. If you set the mode to Automatic, you will need to format the rate estimate request.

Format the rate API Endpoint

The rate request is a POST to an endpoint of your choice. We will use your Staging/Production endpoint as the base, so you only need to add the missing path to your rate estimate endpoint.

If your rate estimate endpoint is completely different than the general endpoint you set up earlier, just make sure you include https:// in the URL.

Format the rate estimate request

The format of the request body needs to be valid JSON. We support liquid variables that are on our rate estimate list, and you can use any liquid filter. Here’s an example request that will be prefilled automatically for you:

Line item schema

If you need line items in your request, create the json for one line item in the Line item schema section. You can then pass the array of line items in the request body by using the ####{{ line_items }} liquid variable.

Rate response

Please return only 1 rate in your response.

Rate identifier

Enter the field name where you return the rate identifier. If you don’t have a rate identifier, leave the field blank.

Rate price

Select whether you return the price in Cents or Dollars, and enter the field name for the price

Rate currency

Enter the field name if you support multiple currencies, or the currency code if you return only one currency.

Merchant perspective

When a merchant sets up your integration, they can choose:

  • Whether they want to use your rates

  • To offer free delivery after a certain threshold

  • Name the rate however they want

  • Adjust the handling fee

Testing rates

The only way to test rates estimate is to go through Shopify checkout while using our app. If you would like us to give you a test environment that’s ready to go, send us an email at [email protected]..

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