1. Due to current limitations with Shopify, address pre-population only works on live themes that aren't password protected.

2. If your Zapiet location company name contains a special character such as "&" the company name will not populate correctly in the checkout due to Shopify limitations.

Common reasons

  1. We cannot locate your cart form. To solve this, add the ID of "cart_form" to your shopping cart form. This is usually located within your themes cart.liquid or sections/cart-template.liquid file.


  2. You have Pre‑Order Manager 2.0 by Amai actively or previously installed on your store. Pre-Order Manager is not compatible with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery. If you have Pre-Order Manager installed your customers will be able to checkout without first validating if they are eligible for delivery or picking a date and time for pickup. It will also prevent the pickup address from populating the shipping address fields in the checkout.

    To resolve this compatibility issue please uninstall Pre-Order Manager and ensure the following line of code is removed from your themes layout/theme.liquid file:

    {% render 'spurit_po2_theme_snippet' %}
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