Store Pickup + Delivery for BigCommerce (Early access). 

The app is still a work in progress and doesn't yet have all features enabled. If you would like to partake in the early access please reach out to [email protected] 

We've documented the missing / incomplete functionality below. 

Email notifications
When a pickup or delivery order is placed we will automatically notify your bricks and mortar stores of the order.

Multiple languages
The app can be used in any language, although if you are a multi-language store the widget will fallback to your default language.

Currently the words Store Pickup + Delivery will appear within the checkout with your rate name appended. We are working with BigCommerce to resolve this, so that you have full control over how your rates are displayed. 

Single country
All your pickup and delivery outlets must be within the same country. 

We are currently offering the app for free whilst in the early access phase. Once the app is fully released there will be a monthly charge for using the app. Our pricing for BigCommerce will be the same as our Shopify integration as documented here: 

Same pickup / delivery address for entire order
It's not possible for customers to select some products for store pickup and others for delivery or shipping. The entire order must be either shipped, picked up or delivered to a single address. 

Not all wording on the widget is yet configurable via the app.

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