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To integrate Weglot with Store Pickup + Delivery, follow the steps below.

Only proceed if you are comfortable editing code yourself. Alternatively, reach out to us at [email protected].

Step 1

Download storepickup-weglot.liquid file below.

Download storepickup-weglot.liquid file

Step 2

Create a snippet file called storepickup-weglot.liquid. Copy and paste the content from the storepickup-weglot.liquid file you downloaded in Step 1.

Step 3

Within the storepickup-weglot.liquid search for the code below (lines 43 and 44)

if (lang == 'X') {
       cached_config = {{ shop.metafields.zapiet['settings.X'] }};

Replace X with the with the destination language locale code. 

Example: if your store's destination language is French, the "X" argument will be replaced by "fr":

if (lang == 'fr') {
       cached_config = {{ shop.metafields.zapiet[''] }};

If you're not sure what your locale code is, switch to the destination language on your online store. Then, type Weglot.getCurrentLang(); in the console.

Step 4

Open Layout/theme.liquid and search for:

  <!-- Zapiet | Store Pickup + Delivery -->
  {% include 'storepickup' %}
  <!-- Zapiet | Store Pickup + Delivery -->

Replace the code above with the code below:

  <!-- Zapiet | Store Pickup + Delivery 
  Custom version of storepickup.liquid to support latest version of Weglot, by Zapiet -->
  {% include 'storepickup-weglot' %}
  <!-- Zapiet | Store Pickup + Delivery -->

The widget language should now match the destination language by Weglot. 


  • The version of the widget in this file is 7.1.2. Should you need to update the version, please contact us at [email protected].

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