JAMA Delivery - Toronto

Available in Greater Toronto Area, JAMA Delivery can help you forget about spending hours in traffic. They will deliver that yummy treat from your store to your customer’s door, in 60 minutes or less. 


To use JAMA Delivery, your store will need access to the Carrier Service API, and Store Pickup + Delivery will need to be added as a carrier to your domestic shipping profile.

Connect JAMA with Store Pickup + Delivery


You will need an API key from JAMA. If you don’t have one yet, please get in touch with JAMA at

  1. Go to Store Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Last mile delivery
  2. Click Activate JAMA delivery
  3. Enter the API key you got from JAMA
  4. Click Activate JAMA delivery

Your integration should now be activated. 

Next step is to set up the integration to your liking.

JAMA settings

First add a support email address. This is an email address JAMA will contact if there is any issue while scheduling a delivery.

Next, choose for which locations JAMA will deliver orders. You will need to add a contact name and contact number for each location. 

When you’ve chosen the location, you can choose to add tracking details to your delivery orders. This will let you or your customers see the delivery driver in real time.

 Lastly, you’ll need to set up the rates. 

Delivery rates with JAMA Delivery

While JAMA Delivery has rather affordable pricing, you can choose how you want to charge your customers for delivery:

  • Offer free deliveries or a lower delivery rate to entice your customers
  • Pass the cost of delivery to the customer (recommended)
  • Earn more by charging a higher delivery rate than JAMA

To offer free deliveries or if you want to calculate the rates yourself, disable JAMA delivery rates.

To pass the cost of delivery to the customer, enable JAMA delivery rates and give the rate a name.

To charge on top of JAMA’s rates, add either a flat amount or a percentage.

If you like, you can offer free delivery for a customer that makes a big order. Check Enable free delivery when order value exceeds minimum order value and set the minimum order value.


  • JAMA API accepts orders up to 14 days into the future. We recommend restricting future orders for your locations to 14 days.
  • JAMA delivers every day of the week, from 7 AM to 11 PM. If you need deliveries outside these hours, please email 

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