Creating settings

We provide the ability to easily create merchant configurable settings for your integration. Typically customs settings are used to ask the merchant the following type questions:

  • Do your orders order contain alcohol?
  • Do your orders contain fragile items?
  • Should we ask for ID on delivery?

Once configured we will display the your settings when a merchant activates your service within Store Pickup + Delivery. 

Creating your first setting

  1. Within the App setup screen click Create a setting
  2. Enter a name and description for your setting. Visible to merchants.
  3. In this example we are going to ask the merchant to select the type of vehicle they want to deliver their orders. The merchant must select from a pre-defined list of options. Click the "Select" field type and add the available options.
  4. Click Create setting and then Save changes at the top of the page

Accessing settings in requests

Each setting will have it's own unique handle associated with it. You will see the handle listed directly beneath the settings name. In the example below the setting handle is "settings.vehicle_type". 

You can access this value in any request by using the liquid variable:

{{ settings.vehicle_type }}

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