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There's nothing more disappointing for your customers then when they order for in-store pickup, only to find out when they arrive that their items are not in-stock. Thankfully our unique integration with Shopify's multi-location inventory feature can help prevent this from happening. 

When activated Store Pickup + Delivery will only display pickup locations that have the required inventory available at the time of ordering. Please note, for the multi-location feature to work, the locations in Shopify must match the number of locations in Store Pickup + Delivery to work. 

How to enable multi-location inventory

  1. Open Store Pickup + Delivery and click Settings
  2. Click Inventory
  3. Click Connect Shopify
  4. Connect your Zapiet locations to your Shopify locations
  5. Click SaveDependant on the number of variants and locations your store has it may take a little while to import your initial data set (roughly 10-15 minutes). Once this process has been completed future inventory changes will be synchronised with our system in as near to real-time as possible. 

How to disable multi-location inventory

  1. Within the Inventory settings page of Store Pickup + Delivery click Disconnect Shopify Inventory


  • Currently when a pickup or delivery order is created the inventory will immediately be deducted from your Default Shopify location and not the location the customer selected for pickup. This is due to a technical limitation with Shopify's multi-location inventory feature. To solve this we highly recommend enabling "Automatically create fulfillment for new orders" within the Inventory settings of Store Pickup + Delivery.
    Once enabled Store Pickup + Delivery will automatically create a fulfillment when notified of any new pickup or delivery orders and  allocate the inventory by setting the correct location ID.
  • Even when using our multi-location inventory feature it may still be possible to oversell. This can happen for multiple reasons, but the two primary points to be aware of are abandoned carts and customers sitting in the checkout. 
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