Ultimate Cart Drawer by Sellify

Store Pickup + Delivery works great with Ultimate Cart Drawer by Sellify although a little configuration is required. 

  1. Open ULTIMATE Cart Drawer and copy and paste the following code into the Customer Javascript code for all themes field.
    window.addEventListener('Sellify::UCD::CartBuilt', function(e){
        if (window.Zapiet && window.ZapietCachedSettings) {   
            document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent("zapiet:start"));
            Zapiet.Helpers.submitCheckout = function(){
  2. Next, open your themes storepickup-addons.liquid file and copy and paste the code below.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    document.addEventListener("zapiet:start", function(e) {
      if (window.Zapiet && window.ZapietCachedSettings) {
  3. Within your themes layout/theme.liquid file add the following code above the closing </head> tag
    {% if request.page_type == 'cart' %}
       <meta name="sellify:ucd:active" content="false" />
    {% endif %}

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