Limiting number of pickup orders per day


This feature allows you to restrict the number of pickup orders you can receive per day. We are still working on the ability to limit the number of pickups per hour. 

Note: This feature is included on our Advanced and Pro plans.

How to limit number of pickup orders per day

  1. On the edit location page click Limit number of pickup orders per day. If you do not see this setting please first disable the pickup time picker.
  2. Set the maximum number of pickup orders you can receive per day
  3. Click Save

Once saved the number of pickup orders you can receive per day will be limited for this location. If you have multiple pickup locations you must repeat this process on each.


It is possible for your maximum order limit to be exceeded in the following circumstances. 

  1. If multiple customers are checking out at the same time it's possible that they both select the last available slot for a given day.
  2. If you are using abandoned carts, it's possible that your slot limit will be exceeded. The customer will choose their specific pickup date slot on the shopping cart page and when they return using an abandoned cart link, they will be sent directly to the checkout process. This doesn’t give the customer an opportunity to select a new pickup date. Instead, their old date will remain valid and the order can be placed.
  3. Draft orders are excluded from order counts.

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